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Modeling human disease by use of zebrafish

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    Zebrafish is the only specie of vertebrate which has been made the large-scale genetic screening analysis. Many mammalian homologous genes have been cloned in zebrafish. And these homologous genes play the similar role in the mammal. Many studies show that zebrafish can be available for human disease model. We use different of technology including Tol2 transposon technique, genetic mutagenesis techniques (insertion mutation or EMS chemical mutation), gene knockout (TALEN or CRISPER) and so on to establish the transgenic or mutant zebrafish. The specific target in transgenic or mutant zebrafish can be marked by green fluorescent protein. We set up the standard operating procedure (SOP) which mainly includes the medication, image acquisition and analysis, screening evaluation index, evaluation index quantification, verifying index, etc. Finally we make the establishment of screening model standardized. We can also provide the scientific research and service such as analyzing the gene expression or detecting the gene function using zebrafish.

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