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    Key laboratory for biosensors of Shandong province was built in 1999, which was subordinate to biology institute of Shandong academy of sciences. The laboratory was mainly engaged in the research and development and technical services about new determination method of biosensors, biomass control system of analysis instrument and bio-technology. Biosensor is a cross subject of biotechnology and information technology, and it is also one of the frontiers of biotechnology research. In recent years, we had done a very fine job around the construction and development of our key field, which got a series of breakthroughs.
    First: Achievements of platform construction
    1. Improvement and development of the SBA family biosensors technology and their application
We have completed the preparation technology of nanometer material immobilized enzyme membrane, and the upgrade task of 90 type instrument; designed and implemented the research subject of the ministry of public security forensic analysis; completed the sensor detection research work of “quality control technology research of vegetable security production” supported by the National 11th "Five-Year" Technology Support Programs. Since 2012, we have undertook the project “the technology and equipment of biological reaction process” for “863”corpus. We also joined into drawing up the China’s 12th Five-Year Plan for fermentation and starch sugar industries. We have made some new breakthroughs in technology applications, and the services including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University of Technology, Jiangnan University, Institute of Microbiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, and so on. As the only research and application unit of industrial biosensor in China, we have always maintained a leading position.
    2. Enhance the study of sugar analysis technology and the development of SGD series products.
SGD series sugar measuring instruments with independent research and development are the only special sugar biochemical analysis tools in our country. We have completed the design and application of type SGD-Ⅳ. On this basis, we have developed low concentration of reducing sugar tester, citric acid analyser, flow injection of electrochemical analyzer, and image analysis system. The new application fields include sugarcane industry, potato processing industry, and the entry-exit inspection and quarantine system. The instruments showed a great application potential in the fields of food, medicine and so on.
    3. Focus on the development of on-line analysis system and automatic control system
We have developed the on-line analysis system of sugar analysis (prototype) with the integration of SBA and SGD analysis technics. This system research will fill the domestic blank and reach the international advanced level. The development goal is the integration of various sensors and information processing technology, making the scientific research work gradually realizing “three steps” planning: instrumental analysis--- on-line analysis--- automatic control. The purpose is to provide the most advanced technical support for engineering technology of biological industry closely around the strategic needs of the development of biological industry in China.
    Second: Economic innovation of science and technology achievements
    Biosensor laboratory has successively completed more than 20 national ministries and provincial projects, including the international cooperation project “Biological sensors used for detecting environmental pollution” (Foreign intelligence project introduced by Shandong province in 2002, L20023700539; Overseas training project from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in 2002, DZ370002028), Shandong provincial programs for science and technology development “Research on algal cell sensor to the water environment pollution response mechanism” , key project of Shandong academy of sciences “Biosensors analysis system research of emergency biochemical project” and “Research on the determination and application technology of reducing sugar ”, the ministry of public security innovation projects “Biosensor research estimating the postmortem interval” (2007yycxsdst056), ministry of science and technology personnel service enterprise project “The online detection and control for the high density fermentation of glutamine transaminase” (2009GJC60004). Now, we are undertaking “Biosensor online analytical technology” belong to the project “the technology and equipment of biological reaction process” for “863”corpus, and Shandong provincial major projects for independent innovation “The development and industrialization of citric acid efficient biological manufacturing technology”, and so on.
    We have developed more than ten kinds of biosensors, which are widely employed in fermentation, food, medicine, sports, scientific research and other fields at home and abroad, achieving huge social and economic benefit and obtaining total revenue of ten million yuan. 
    Third: Development planning
    Various biosensors will be researched and developed using a variety of technical means; 2. We will develop related biotech products taking advantage of biosensor; 3. Academic exchanges and research cooperation will be carried out both at home and abroad; 4. Biosensor professionals will be cultivated; 5. Technical training and technology promotion of biosensor applications; 6. Extraction, purification, industrial fermentation and chemical synthesis of bioactive substance.

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